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    What is Brake Adjuster?

    To insure thatthe drum brakeswork and functioncorrectly, the brake shoes muststayclose to the drumbut nottouch it.

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    How to use a rivet gun

    Although rivet guns are not uncommon, but many people for the rivet gun how to use, or not very clear, the following we take a look at the rivet gun use method diagram, but before using the rivet gun, we should pay attention to is that the gun work first from the inlet nozzle to inject a small amount of lubricant, to ensure that the rivet gun work performance and working life.

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    Maintenance of riveting gun

    The maintenance of the riveting gun is like the maintenance of the body. The tool is like a person. If it is not protected, it can also damage the machine, cause the machine to fail, and can not even be used. So our tools must be cleaned and checked after use. The maintenance of riveting nut gun and other tools needs

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    Brake Adjuster Kit

    In addition to hand rivet guns, in 2020, a friend of our client came to us and asked us to help produce brake adjuster kit.

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    What is rivet gun?

    It is used for fastening and riveting of various metal plates, pipes and other manufacturing industries.

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    Heat Wave

    Recently, due to the continuous high temperature weather in China, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue an orange warning of high temperature. The highest temperature in Zhejiang Province, where ourfactory is located, has reached 37 ℃ to 39 ℃, and the local temperature has exceeded 40 ℃, affecting life and production.