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Heat Wave

Time :2022-07-26 Hits : 13

Recently, due to the continuous high temperature weather in China, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue an orange warning of high temperature. The highest temperature in Zhejiang Province, where ourfactory is located, has reached 37 ℃ to 39 ℃, and the local temperature has exceeded 40 ℃, affecting life and production.


As a factory specializing in the production of hand riveters and brake adjuster accessories, we have also actively taken measures:


1. Increase ventilation facilities, install large fans, etc


2. Set up cooling and summer spots in the plant, and place cold drinks, heatstroke prevention drugs, etc


3. Pay high temperature allowance to workers


4. Shutdown and rest during high temperature


5. Actively communicate with customers and update the order delivery date in time